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Why Choose Sigcom?

Sigcom is Different

Sigcom is a security solutions business driving value by applying innovative solutions focused on excellent customer service. We use our insight and knowledge to create the most appropriate service solution for each client, taking in to account the risk profile and culture of the organisation as well as how the relationship can drive advantage within their respective marketplaces.


We are accredited to the highest standards of security delivery performance along with general business standards.

Customer Service

Our reputation is founded on customer service; it is the DNA of the business. Our aim is to create great customer experiences, provide secure and safe environments and engage our staff and clients, continually assessing and evolving the service delivery.

Company Development

The development of the business is enhanced by our commitment to exploring new ways to deliver an efficient security service.  Increasingly Sigcom is enhancing our solutions by training our engineers in the latest technologies so they can deliver the solutions to our clients.


We work together with our clients to build sustainable service solutions that drive demonstrable value, utilising the latest technology and management methodologies created. Our partners supply the latest technology to achieve that aim.

Trusted Partners

Sigcom has one of the most extensive partnership networks, including global brands and providers of industry leading technologies.

We strive to achieve the highest levels of partnership and accreditation with our partners – at both a company and staff level. Because of this, our staff can provide you with the highest levels of information, service and technical expertise in all of our partner technologies.

This expert knowledge of such a wide range of technologies, combined with our customer-first ethos, is your guarantee that we will provide a solution that meets your exact needs.

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