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IP  CCTV Systems

A traditional CCTV system was composed of an analogue link between a Camera and Digital Video Recorder centrally located on a premises.

IP CCTV Systems utilise structured cabling systems, which are either dedicated to the CCTV System or are allocated part of the main structured cabling infrastructure. This provides many advantages over traditional CCTV, including the ability to power Cameras across the same cable, using Power over Ethernet.

Systems can be centralised with a single server or distributed where there are multiple servers installed on a single site or across multiple sites or using Edge Storage where the camera has on-board storage.

Sigcom deliver CCTV Solutions at different levels, from 4 Camera installations for home or small business to 50+ Camera installations for commercial or industry with redundant recording and remote monitoring.

Our systems feature industry leading video analytics and search functions which help to maximise your CCTV investment.

Featured System: 

Avigilon is defining the future of the security industry through innovative, end-to-end solutions. Delivering world-class technology, Avigilon’s industry-leading HD network video management software, megapixel cameras, access control and video analytics products are deployed by more than 25 percent of the top 50 companies on the Fortune Magazine Fortune 500 list.

Avigilon systems monitor property and protect people and their assets across diverse locations, including stadiums, retail environments, school campuses, casinos, critical infrastructure and transportation stations.

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