Systems Integration

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Systems Integration

When deploying a security system with multiple disciplines it often makes sense to integrate these to ensure the end user can maximise their security infrastructure.

For clients who require complete control of their security systems, an integrated system not only offers an easily managed platform but also the provides for the integration of third party systems including such ANPR (automatic number plate recognition), Intruder Alarms, Intercom & PA Systems, Fire Alarm Systems and non-security related systems such as BMS, or Lift Control.

Sigcom can provide you with a number of options for integration based on the clients systems and requirements.

Featured Product

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Agora SMS

AGORA is an integrated software solution for single or multi-site systems. End users can reduce operational costs and centralise security operations by implementing the AGORA SMS system.



  • AGORA integrates physical security equipment like IP cameras, DVRs and NVRs, alarm panels, access control systems, general purpose I/O modules, IP intercoms, GPS devices, video analytics and facial and license plate recognition software into a single physical security information management platform.


  • AGORA’s Operator Guidance is a dynamic workflow that presents the operator with step-by-step instructions adapted for each type of event or alarm and guides the operator through all the steps of the standard operating procedures (SOPs).
  • The operator is guided with speed and ease through the resolution of a situation or the handling of a day-to-day security task, like remote guard tours, supervised access control, remote concierge or alarm video verification.
  • AGORA’s Operator Guidance allows full and flexible customisation with an intuitive graphic tool that ensures adaptation to an organisation’s SOPs.


  • AGORA allows measuring the cost of the services provided and assessing the quality of the service being delivered to the client.
  • AGORA incorporates a set of tools that allows a performance analysis of the operator’s security centre via reports and charts.
  • AGORA also provides an audit module that records every action performed by the operators and allows authorised users to access this data and supervise all the actions that were performed.


  • AGORA is an HTML5 application that can be installed on a public or private cloud.
  • AGORA can be accessed anywhere and allows using mobile devices for an efficient interaction between control room operators, on-site guards, patrol vehicles and the client.


  • AGORA enables an easy customisation of all tasks, allowing the implementation of the organisation’s procedures.
  • Regardless of the company’s size, operating specificities or stage of development, AGORA’s high level of customisation allows its implementation in a wide variety of situations: office buildings, industrial facilities, chain stores, bank branches, convenience stores and petrol stations, among others.

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